The Paradise that is Sumilon

1 - Copy.JPGSarap to the bones – A Filipino expression used to describe food so delicious you don’t want to leave anything on the plate, not even the bones. That’s what Sumilon Island is – sarap to the bones. Every part of the island promises to captivate the hearts of those who wish to explore it.

What separates this beauty from Cebu City is only a 4-hour nap inside a comfortable Ceres Bus Liner. Just tell the bus driver you’re headed to Bluewater Sumilon and start dreaming about the adventure ahead. Leaving Cebu City’s South Bus terminal at around 2:30 in the morning, I arrived at 6AM in Bluewater Sumilon’s holding area in Oslob. There I was welcomed by Carmela who offered me a fresh citrus juice. With boats not leaving for the island until 8AM, Carmela offered that I to go whale watching first which is also another popular attraction in Oslob. With very little sleep, I decided to stay and explore the holding area which could be considered a resort in its own with a coral beach comparable to Boracay’s Puka Beach.

Shoreline in Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort’s holding area.

With boats big enough to ensure guests feel safe throughout the 10-minute boat ride, Bluewater has a pier which is also a nice place to hang out in. If you’re lucky, you could even see the whale sharks moving towards a flock of boats filled with tourists in the whale watching area.

Pier leading you to boats which will ferry you to paradise

At last, 8 AM strikes and I’m finally escorted to the boat which will take me to the island. Without waiting for any other guest to join me, we sailed. Yes, the boat sailed with me outnumbered by the resort staff.

The kind of smile you give if your smartphone’s shutter button is too difficult to press. It’s scheduled to leave and without any hesitation, we left with me as the only guest aboard.

After 10 minutes, the island welcomes you with its white sand beach and lush green trees. The white sand beach is open to all tourists until noon so resort guests only get to keep this beauty for themselves in the afternoon. Not to be worried, everything else in the resort is exclusive to resort guests and there’s a whole list of fun things to do in the island.

The rocky side of the island is a host to a number of activities which include kite surfing and kayaking

There’s a side of the island filled with corals and rocks. While not ideal for swimming, this side of the island is where wind current is strong. Thus, with a resort staff looking out for you, you can borrow a board and kite and start enjoying the waves.

Lake just across the rocky beach. Cellular signal is strong so I was able to call family to let them know I safely arrived in the island.

There’s also a lake which is near the tents. But these tents will not provide you your typical camping experience, unless your past ones involve gourmet meals, duvet sheets and a soft mattress. Yes, these are tents big enough to accommodate a bed! For a one of a kind glamping experience, this is definitely the place to go to!

Kayaks by this vast lake. And you’d be glad to know that I didn’t see any snakes around.

If you’re not an adrenaline junkie, kayaking in this quiet lake is definitely a must-do. If you don’t know how to kayak (believe me I thought it’s a piece of cake), there’s always an attendant who’ll take you back to the bank.

Me struggling to get back to land

I thought kayaking is so easy I paddled as far as I can and ended up in the mangroves on the other side. Yes, the struggle to go back is real. The resort staff asked me if I wanted him to come and fetch me but I was all out trying to prove myself. A good 30 minutes of my time spent trying to reach land again 🙂 I felt all my energy got drained and had to proceed to the Pavilion for lunch.


By the way, did I tell you that once you’re in the island, there’s no need to worry about food? Your fees pretty much covers all your needs inside the resort. For lunch at the Pavilion, I’ve been served a 3-course meal which involves a starter soup, a main course and was concluded with turon (banana rolled in spring roll wrapper) for dessert.

Just outside the Pavilion is the infinity pool

After lunch, I decided to go for a swim at the resort’s infinity pool. I thought the pool was a bit small for all the guests but it’s already past lunch and there’s really very few people in the resort. We are clearly outnumbered by the resort staff. Definitely, this resort values the intimacy and privacy of its guests.

My B-L sandwich meal

Had a fun time having the pool to myself so I needed to eat again! This time I got a BLT sandwich and requested from the waiter to take out the tomatoes. He snickered and asked me if I wanted a BL sandwich instead.

View from the trekking trail

There’s a whole lot more of activities that you can do inside this small island. For an hour, you can trek and go around this coral island. Taking the trail will show you the other secrets of the island including the Baluarte in which you can find the lighthouse.

Left: A part of the trail on the side of the island which is popular for snorkeling. Right: The lighthouse in Baluarte.

And the cherry on top, the white sandy beach of Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort. Again, this part of the island is exclusive to resort guests in the afternoon and since there’s few guests at the time of my visit, I pretty much had this beach to myself as well. Timing couldn’t have been more perfect.

White sand shoreline with the island’s pier in the background.
Crystal blue water inviting you to just have a dip.

This island has it all! All corners could be of use to its guests and the variety of activities you can do inside just makes you feel that every penny you spent is worth it. What makes this visit very memorable, apart for the island’s beauty, is the kind of service that the staff provide. They pamper you in every detail always asking if there’s anything else you’d need. Without a doubt, Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort is the Ritz of resorts in the Visayas.


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