Dinamita for Merienda

Turon, pan de sal, halo halo and pancit – these are just some of the typical Filipino snack during afternoons. This merienda tradition not only shows how rich the variety of food in the Philippines is, but one of those which depicts the type of bond every Filipino family has. For this half an hour snack time (which is adapted even in corporate setting), everyone in the family gets updated with each other’s encounters during the day. Sometimes we just talk about random things – neighborhood gossip, politics, showbiz, etc. The point is, this hour gets the family to connect with each other and whatever does that should be kept and improved. Dinamita is a recent discovery I’ve tried for merienda. So now let’s get things cooking!

You’re ultimate Dinamita recipe:

  1. Long green pepper
  2. Sautéed ground pork, minced potato and carrot
  3. Grated cheese
  4. Spring roll wrapper
  5. Egg


Step 1: Sauté your ground pork, minced potato and minced carrot

Step 2: Cut the long green peppers in half from the bottom up until half an inch from the stem. Take out the seeds


Step 3: Fill the pepper with your ground pork mix

Step 4. Cut the spring roll wrapper into a semicircle and spread grated cheese on it.


Step 5. Wrap the green peppers with the cheese covered spring roll wrappers. Use egg to seal the wrap and deep fry for 3 minutes.

And voila! Enjoy your Dinamita! Make sure there’s water or soda around while you’re eating. This could be a good pulutan as well during one of those toma nights. Serve with ketchup (some mix mayo and ketchup too!).



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