Never too old for Enchanted Kingdom

For the Nth time, I’ve returned to Enchanted Kingdom (EK). This time I visited EK with my 2 teammates – Aya, who’s never been there and Mico, whose last visit was back when he’s in grade school. We started the day with a 9AM meetup in Makati for a heavy breakfast in Salcedo Village. Aya and I got this quarter-pounder for only 98 pesos and Mico had this really spicy curry food. Then we headed to the JAM Liner bus station in Buendia for an hour and a half ride to EK.Salcedo Market.jpgFrom the drop off point at WalterMart in Balibago, we took the 2-minute tricycle ride to EK. Thanks to SMART (yes the mobile carrier), we got a 15%OFF on our tickets (HAHAHA early promotion)!20160319_120815_HDR.jpgThe place is still packed with awesome attractions for thrill-seekers! To start we took the Disk-O Magic which looks like an easy one but as soon as it started rotating, Mico was shouting like crazy! 20160319_130028_HDR.jpgWe took the Space Shuttle Max roller coaster right after. The first part of being pulled up and then released is the easy part. You hear those metals locking and creaking and you’ll really brace for your life. It’s moving backwards in those loops which gets you crying at the end of the ride (or dizzy… or throwing up).20160319_133418.jpgJungle Log Jam remains to be my favorite ride in the park, I guess because this ride has a perfect balance of thrill and chill. There are 2 drops (and I hope there’s more) but in between there’s enough time for you to catch up with friends and take pictures. We even managed to take a video in between. Being the guy in front, I came out with shoes filled with water. But it’s fine, there’s another ride which will surely get me soaked wet before the day ends.20160319_135732.jpgEasy time followed with the Wheel of Fate (ferris wheel), lunch and then the Roller Skater ride. 20160319_153643.jpg
Now we go back to the good jaw-dropping ones, literally, because the next one we took is the Sky Extreme Tower ride. Basically they bring you way up high, give you the best view of Laguna and just like that, they drop you back to earth. 20160319_154259 - Copy.jpgGoing to EK, I had this one goal picture of the day where I would eat ice cream with the carousel behind me. So i bought 3 cones, one for each of us. But before we could take a picture, it’s already melted while waiting for Aya to come out of the bathroom (who apparently was cleaning her bag because the chocolate I brought melted inside it). So I ended up having a snow cone.20160319_161519.jpgThen we took the carousel  which got Mico and I to miss the kiddie carousel in Tropical Hut. Spare us! HAHA. Carousel could be for adults too!20160319_162457.jpgDown to our last 2 rides, we finally took the Rio Grande Rapids. And yeah, I’m that lucky one who gets wet all the time. “Basang-sisiw” mode right after.20160319_170116.jpgAnd everyone has been doing this – taking the Flying Fiesta right after Rio Grande Rapids. This flying “sampayan” would at least dry your clothes. Good luck with those shoes though.20160319_170539.jpgLastly, we take our final stroll in Brooklyn Place for a few pictures.20160319_172555.jpg



c/o Aya

And there, we went back to Victoria Park for our final photo in EK

c/o Aya

It was a day packed with fun in a place which has provided Filipinos with a Disney-like experience for more than 2 decades. I’ll be back soon, for sure, but it will always be like my first time!


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