In The Mix: One For The Books

Concerts aren’t really my thing. They’re expensive and there’ll always be that person in the crowd (and near you) who keeps on shrieking and will make your eardrums explode. But there are times when I love going to concerts- when you get your ticket for free and when you only follow around 5 artists and one of them is performing.

I arrived in MOA Arena at 3:30PM. My box is for standing audience so I had to make sure I have dibs on one of the barricades. Security is pretty OK in MOA Arena but not standardized. There’s a rule against bringing professional cameras so I went there with my mirrorless Nikon J1. They said I can’t bring it inside; I left it without arguing that it’s not a professional camera. BUT, when I got inside, standing beside me is a girl with her Sony A6000. Nuff of the rants. I used my phone camera instead so my images are a bit noisy.

6 artists performed during the concert which lasted more than 7 hours! Twin Pines had the first act, followed by Elle King, Third Eye Blind, Panic at the Disco, James Bay and The 1975.


Prior to this concert, I have no idea who Twin Pines were but despite the really strong accent, their songs are upbeat and will get you in the mood.


Elle King knows how to run a concert! Her voice is powerful and she’s funny. We all looked forward to her Ex’s and Oh’s performance and she did not disappoint!


Third Eye Blind has aged but sounded just the same. Their performance of hits Semi-Charmed Life and Never Let You Go brought us back to our childhood.

20160818_195349.jpgThen it’s Panic at the Disco’s turn. By the time their drum set was revealed, the crowd went nuts. Brendon is super hyperactive from start to finish and the crowd was with the band all the time singing the hits Hallelujah, I Write Sins Not Tragedies and Victorious.


They also performed covers of Bohemian Rhapsody with Brendon playing the grand piano (yes, they brought one!) and Any Way You Want It.

20160818_211758 - Copy.jpg


Finally, after standing for 7 straight hours with only Yan-Yan for lunch, JAMES BAY performed. Forget the hunger and leg pains – THIS IS WHAT I CAME HERE FOR. A good friend of mine from my previous job introduced me to his songs. It all started with Hold Back the River and Let It Go (not a cover of Idina’s okay) and next thing I know, his album already dominated my phone’s 25 most played songs. His performance turned the arena into one giant karaoke club. Obviously, his act would be my most photographed part. So here they are!

He came in with a Philippine flag-designed jacket which when he threw into the crowd created a tsunami. He didn’t throw it on our side but people on my left still pushed me like their hands would suddenly be Mr. Fantastic’s.
20160818_220559_2 - Copy.jpg
James and his trademark get up.





20160818_224959_1 - Copy.jpg

After James Bay’s performance, i felt my legs killing me and my tummy started growling 🙂 So I left the arena, missing The 1975’s performance. They’re just not for me, but still would have watched it if I have more energy left. Tons of fans waiting for them to finally perform and I bet they killed it too.

The experience is just PRICELESS. James Bay didn’t let anyone down that night and the other acts before him were really good too, including Twin Pines who’s new to the scene. Hopefully my angel gives me more free tickets in the future! Hopefully for A1. HAHAHA.



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