Lazada Christmas Party 2016

Storm, a.k.a Online Revolution, has just passed and everyone’s anticipating their much-awaited holiday break but before that, we just need to shake it off one last time! This year’s Christmas Party was held at The Palace with everyone expected to come wearing their best bohemian-inspired costume. And so I went there all prepped up (thanks Kultura Filipino). After all, it’s not like non-Lazada party-goers will remember this guy with a funny get up. Or maybe they will. Whatever.

Anyway, looking at the pictures, I just realized that I did not go there wearing boho-inspired. It’s actuallyย Magic Temple-inspired. Below is the gang’s photo if you’re not familiar with them (photo not mine). But you should really watch it. After all it walked away with ALL the major awards from MMFF during the year it was nominated.


So here are the snaps I was able to make during the party. Warning: Sydney’s face overload.



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