Capping The Year with Vitamin Beach

Right after the Christmas Party, we hit the road to a beach somewhere in Bataan, which I kept referring to as Batanes.

The trip from Cubao to Bataan, which is probably more than 100 kilometers took less than 3 hours. It sometimes takes me that long to get to the office from my house in Marikina which is less than 20 kilometers away. Sigh.

Anyway, most of us had alcohol the night before so we’re all dead asleep in the bus, and during the 1-hour jeepney ride (with the exception of Rina who was watching anime during the ride).

It’s situated in a cove so we had to take a 15-minute boat ride to get to the beach. A lot of activities are available in the area including giant jenga, a giant domino, darts, beach and volleyball. Definitely my most favorite activity there is eating. We were served generously and it’s really just fun to be in that homey atmosphere with your friends I guess.

Here are the pictures for that trip!



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