Christmas and My 3F’s in Life

One reason why I look forward to Christmas is the fact that it’s a celebration of my 3F’s – family, friends and food. It’s only during this season (and during birthdays) that it’s a must for everyone in the family to be sitting together before the eating begins. Also, relatives you don’t see often visit and that’s always positive (until they notice how much weight you’ve gained and start shoving it off your face). Dear friends also make time just to see the barkada and together look back to all those crazy adventures in the past. In all these, one thing stands out! There’s always food involved. It’s a time to go to new places and try out food you’ve never tried before. At home, your nanay cooks your all-time favorite and basically everything unhealthy you could think of.

So how did my Christmas season go? Here you go.

Lazada Marketing Christmas party at The Farm. Loved the prizes. I’ve never won from a raffle before, but this time I did (but then everyone did). Definitely enjoyed the Champorado, to which I added bacon, as well as those red velvet minis.




When Marcus had to randomly whisper the word PUKE to Tristan. And no it’s not in english! 


Christmas and New Year Celebration at home.

Rushed all the wrapping on the 23rd and had to make sure everyone’s already asleep before I could wrap everything in the sala.


oh, this one’s a staple.
Nanay opening a gift from Ate Mariz. And every gift, knowing nanay, had to be kitchen-related. Maybe I should give her  a bottle of cooking oil next Christmas. Okay, maybe extra virgin olive oil to make it a bit more special. Maybe Bragg’s.
Me, Christian and Christelle. These 2 tried to teach me how to ride a bike (which I eventually learned on my own I was 9) and how to cartwheel (which I still can’t do because both of them fell off the bed while trying to lift my feet, and we were scolded for the noise). So yes, they’re the worst trainers. HAHA. But we all had fun while growing up.
Tito time with chocolates from Mila
Little did that little buddy wearing a black sando know that I replaced his gifts with a COCONUT (a heavy one so he was a but excited at first) and ORANGES!
Tito taking the kids to the mall… and introducing them to this creepy Buzz.
Watched the city fireworks with Apple and Ramil
Again everything unhealthy for media noche. Liempo.
Zeus and I
My Lumpia Jenga. Which Jamie, a friend based in Bangkok, called lumpini
Ramil lighting a sky-rocket a.k.a kwitis
And if you’re fed up with Jollibee Fried Chicken (no idea why and how), maybe roast it.


And the healthiest of them all! Crispy pata!

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