Eating Our Way Through Bangkok

As a child, I’ve gone through fairs with my nanay and every time we would go inside a stall selling clothes, almost always, you’d hear the salesladies say that the clothes they’re selling are from Hong Kong. I’m not sure if my life had a sudden turn to snoozeville but soon enough I realized these salesladies are now selling all sorts of things from…. Bangkok!

Finally, I’ve had the chance to visit the city last year to join a workshop. Woot woot free airfare! Bringing Mico with me, who’s also a first-timer in Bangkok, we decided to arrive a day early (on a Sunday) so we ‘ll have a chance to go around the city.

Arriving at an hour past midnight, we found ourselves in this vast airport which would probably make me complete my 10K-step target if it weren’t for the walkalators. Taxi service is actually very easy and after marveling at how organized the city looked and how nice the highway from the airport to the city is, we’ve arrived to our first stop – Ramada Plaza Menam Riverside. We had to arrange for our own accommodation for this night since it was us who decided to arrive early.

Had to dip into this hotel pool. Quite shallow but the warm water is just so inviting.

The hotel is close to this place called Asiatique which is an open-air mall sprawling with quaint little cafés and clothing shops. There’s even a place there full of locks similar to what they used to have in that bridge in Pont des Arts.


Also within the vicinity is Wat Ratcha Singkhorn temple.



Right after the quick morning stroll, Pia arrived and took us out for a river boat trip. (Thanks for taking us around Pia!!!)


This kind of trip is exactly how I imagined to experience Thailand – exploring a river market. The whole tour took about 2 hours with various stops.


This river system looked very well-planned with both banks cemented to prevent soil from eroding. I wish I could go back with a jet ski.


We had our first stop at a temple filled with rooster statues. Another stop is an orchid farm with guess what… lots of orchids.


But the real highlight of the day is without a doubt the food.







We went back to the hotel and settled for a bit. Then it’s finally night time and another food adventure awaits. This time with Nina and Nat. (okay, I think these 2 should totally create a new brand of chocolates called N&N’s). Scrap that!






Thai cuisine is just awesome. I think they’re super particular about taste that even for my tea, the had to freeze it and use it as ice to ensure consistency. Or maybe so that they can charge you for water… which they did by the way.


And for dessert, we headed out, had our first BTS  ride and ate the famous mango sticky rice.


We capped the night in a supermarket buying pasalubong and prepared for the actual work the following day. But before that, hell even the food in 7-11 is awesome!

Let’s skip the workshop and head to our next order of business… MORE FOOD! So for dinner, Thibaud brought us to this place with a kilometric menu.



Then Thibaud started showing off his cocktail mixing skillz.. yes with a Z.



Dinner Club ©Thibaud

After celebrating Danny’s birthday, we called it a night and parted ways in a train station. Daym that sounded like a movie ending.


The following day went through like a breeze and I was only able to snap a few photos.

Been eager to finally meet Ninda a.k.a. Bubbles. We’ve been talking about all sorts of stuff over skype since I started but never got to really meet her in person until this workshop.
Bangkok skyline.

And finally a few snaps from Thib’s phone

Mico and Duyen. Their board is over there but whatever it is they’re looking at on the floor, it must be very… very important. © Thibaud
Painting class by Jamie ©Thibaud
O realizing how much workload will be added to his to-do’s right after this session. ©Thibaud
Feel at home ©Thibaud
All smiles after the successful workshop. ©Thibaud

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