If RIVERDALE Were Set in the Philippines

Netflix’s Riverdale is one hell of a story set in a very small town where everyone seems to have something to do with everyone’s mess.

The river is a must-have in the story. It’s where the Blossom Twins staged Jason’s death and where Jason will be found with a bullet on his head weeks after. Therefore, if it were in the Philippines, it would be in a city where a river could be found.

*None of these photos are mine. Just for fun and no copyright infringement intended.

1. Riverdale will be set in Marikina and the show will be called RIVERBANKS.


2. Taga-Loyola Grand Villas si Cheryl Blossom and their family controlled the Shoe-Making industry of Marikina.


3. Instead of Pop’s Diner, you’d see the gang in Jollibee… sa Katips para open 24-hours!


4. Betty Cooper’s role will be played by Nadine Lustre because she can be dorky and cute and Jughead Jones by James Reid.


5. For Jughead’s epic birthday party, it will be held in a street corner drinking Emperador, with sisig, isaw and liempo. And of course there’s karaoke!


6. Ronnie Alonte will star as Archie Andrews and to play the role of his father Fred Andrews, look no further loves. BOBBY ANDREWS.


7. Archie wanted to win The Voice of the Philippines but still wants to go to college through a scholarship by becoming a varsity player for the Sepak Takraw team.


8. Veronica Lodge will be played by Julia Barretto and her mom Hermione Lodge will be played none other than by her equally feisty tita… Gretchen… Fullido… nope. GRETCHEN BARRETTO of course.


9. Veronica and her mother Hermione Lodge are from Ayala Alabang and when the patriarch got involved in the Pork Barrel Scam, Veronica and Hermoine had to transfer to Marikina… in Provident Village to be exact.


10. Sarah Geronimo takes on the role of Geraldine Grundy, the music teacher. She gets to keep the beetle though because it’s cool.


11. For Jughead’s biker dad, FP… Ian Veneracion should do it. And he’s driving a motorcycle too, a Sinski Maton he won from Willie Revillame’s show.


12. And about Jason’s death? His body was found in Marikina River with a card that reads: “Wag Tutularan, Pusher ako.”


That’s it folks! If you have any suggestions, feel free to use the comments section below!

*Again, none of these photos are mine. No copyright infringement intended. Hope you had a fun time reading though!


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